Playing with Dad

Dear Hope, Dad looooves to play with towers so I sometimes keep him company and play with him. My parents seem to love order, stacking things, putting things into neat piles, putting blocks on top of one another etc. I like to be creative: take them apart, scatter them around the living room floor, and […]

Cats and Spirits

Dear Hope, We all miss our Australian family and the place you were born and your playground, Hope’s place, at the beach of Long Reef Golf course. I know that you spirits and angels can travel easily not like us human beings who have to take a loooooooong journey on a plane to go back […]

You’re MY friend ♥

Dear Hope, Everyone’s got a friend, some just don’t realize. Nilly, our cat, even has a girl-friend! The other day Mum went out in the rain to find Nilly who ran off – very unusual how he’s been howling to go out, even in the rain! She found him in the neighbor’s garden under some […]

Every Night

Dear Hope, Every night when putting me to bed, Mum says: ‘Sleep well Anandamaya’. She holds me and you in her consciousness and it’s so beautiful to hear your name just before I fall asleep. Lately though, I’ve been so excited about walking that sleeping and eating really have no priorities in my life. I […]


Dear Hope, You know we moved from Australia, where we were conceived and born, to Switzerland, where Mum is from. Mum finally starts to ‘like’ her new home. I like it here: I’ve got my adorable cousin and godmother Ayana here, my aunty Michele, my godfather Pascal and Nonno who lives with us (when he’s […]

Mum’s Chocolate Addiction

Dear Hope, Since arriving in Switzerland it seems that Mum has got a chocolate addiction, specifically chocolate yogurt. She’s got me onto it already as she seems to think that she can have more by pretending to feed me! I have to say they are really yummy. I’m developing a chocolate yogurt tooth 🙂 What […]