I can see YOU ♥

~ I can see you ~

Dear Hope,

Mum told me what happened last night that she came home and started this blog for me to write to you.

How amazing is that: She went to have a massage and the lady who gave her the massage also had twins and one passed away at 10 weeks. This happened 21 years ago. It’s rare that there is someone who has experienced a similar story like ours.

This other lady’s girl is now 21 years old. I wonder how I’d be feeling through the years without you growing up by my side. I know you’re always ‘there’ but then even when I can communicate with you, others cannot see you.

It’s like this picture of mum and dad, I can see them but there not really there in the picture…

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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