~ i’m on the move ~

Dear Hope,

You know we moved from Australia, where we were conceived and born, to Switzerland, where Mum is from. Mum finally starts to ‘like’ her new home.

I like it here: I’ve got my adorable cousin and godmother Ayana here, my aunty Michele, my godfather Pascal and Nonno who lives with us (when he’s home…). We also have lots of Mum and Dad’s friends visiting and really nice neighbors.

When we were born we were born into spring. Here it’s all upside down and we’re going into autumn – this morning it was 7C! That’s like winter in Sydney. Luckily inside it warm and we’ve got HEATED FLOORS!!! What a treat now that I’m crawling on them…

I hope that where you are, HoPe, it’s warm and cosy all the time.

We love you ♥ and miss you – especially now I could use your support here. I’ve tried this tricycle and Mum said I was still too small (my feet didn’t reach the pedals). I’m sure if we were both talking to her, we could convince her. Maybe you could have a word with her in her dreams?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


6 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Ananda Mae, Hope already talked to me about the tricycle, or at least something very similar… just wait til X-mas….
    And, what I wanted to ask you: when you’re in your bed, awake for hours, not crying… is this the time, when you are having conversations with Hope?

    Love you, little cutiepie pumpkin!
    your auntie Michèle

    • 🙂
      Well, no, I guess the conversations usually happen when I’m still awake in bed and talking happily but then there’s a pint when I’m so tired of chatting to all these lovely souls that I’m reminded to be in a human body which needs human sleep…

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