Yes, I’ve got a PHONE!

Dear Hope,

Guess what, I forgot something important, I’ve got a PHONE since my birthday. Aunty Carola from Germany gave me one as a present. I don’t understand why Mum and Dad didn’t realise that I need one, but hey, Carola is cool! She also gave me this turtle that swims with me in the bath at night and paddles with its arms and sings the ‘Donauwalzer’! Double cool!

Anyway – the Phone (with a capital P) – its not a REAL iPhone, although they made it look like one and thought they could trick me. HA! It still sometimes does the trick and entertains me, especially when they strap me in my seat in the car and I CAN’T WALK AND CRAWL ANYWAY.

Today, Mum and Dad used it to keep me awake after my afternoon nap time, which I wanted to quickly get over and done with in the car on the way home from lunch with Aunty Michele but NOPE, they kept me awake (torture) with the PHONE to then put me in bed at home, where I could have had PLENTY of walking and crawling time instead. Tzzzzz… parents.

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS I’ll post a pic tomorrow. Everyone’s asleep and I won’t make too much noise to not wake the parents…


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