You’re MY friend ♥

Dear Hope,

Everyone’s got a friend, some just don’t realize.

Nilly, our cat, even has a girl-friend! The other day Mum went out in the rain to find Nilly who ran off – very unusual how he’s been howling to go out, even in the rain! She found him in the neighbor’s garden under some bushes and then there SHE was: a grey fluffy fur ball. Upon introduction to the neighbor, Mum found out that it’s Strubbi, a female shy cat. The ideal mate for Nilly 🙂

Dad read Mum an email that sounded a bit strange in English. Mum asked: Did this person write to you in English?!? Dad: No, my friend ‘Google Translate’ did… So Dad’s friend is ‘Google Translate’, that’s Dad the geek…

Mum, I’m not sure… I think her friend is ‘cleaning up’ – she’s been spending a lot of time lately in the garage, meeting with ‘cleaning up’.

~ hello my angel friend ~

And for me it’s YOU ♥
YOU ♥ are there when no one else can see
YOU ♥ talk to me when no one else can hear
YOU ♥ wrap me in your embrace when no one else is there to hold me
YOU ♥ are my angel friend
YOU ♥ are my HOPE

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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