Cats and Spirits

~ exhausted cats ~

Dear Hope,

We all miss our Australian family and the place you were born and your playground, Hope’s place, at the beach of Long Reef Golf course. I know that you spirits and angels can travel easily not like us human beings who have to take a loooooooong journey on a plane to go back to Australia. Maybe you could go and say hello to those we miss and gently send them a breeze of fresh Swiss air?

Nilly and Choccie seem to like their new found freedom to be able to go outside in the garden. Me too, by the way. I can walk the little path, climb stairs up and down, touch the flowers and bushes, pick up and eat small stones (to Mum and Dad’s dismay) – there is so much to see.

Tonight, when Mum and Dad gave me a bath, Mimi, our grandmother, came to visit. She came into the bathroom, which previously was hers, and knocked a cat statue down which she had creatively decorated with mosaic. Mum and I where standing on the other side of the bath so I can swear it wasn’t Mum’s fault (or mine). Mum said that Mimi said she didn’t mind that we are moving her things out to make this our bed and bathroom.

~ me asleep ~

I then splashed so hard that the whole bathroom got a good spray of fresh bathwater! Mum and Dad were really happy and delighted with me 🙂

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS The most delighted with me are they when I finally sleep – today I managed to miss my morning sleep, got 30 min in the pram and also missed my afternoon sleep! Yeah, much more time for exploration 🙂


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