Grandparents Here and There

~ with Nonno and grandma Lorraine ~

Dear Hope,

You know we share our grandparents: I’ve got Nonno and grandma Lorraine here on earth and you’ve got Mimi and grandpa Rex there with you. Here is the photo of me and Nonno and grandma Lorraine:

Mimi decided to go and be closer to you in January, after she spent Christmas with me, that was sad for me but I’m glad she’s with you. And I know that sometimes you sit on grandpa Rex’s lap. Can you send me a photo please? I’ve never even seen him…

~ grandpa Gene ~

Yesterday I’ve added someone to my family: grandpa Gene. He’s already got 4 grandchildren so I hope he doesn’t mind another one. I did sort of suggest it to him and he just smiled… not sure whether that meant yes please or…?? Anyway, I just continue dreaming he’s my grandpa. Here’s a photo of us ❤

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

Here a photo of Mimi and I:

~ with Mimi ~


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