Driving Mum and Dad Crazy

Dear Hope,

This past weekend we went to Tessin, the southern part of Switzerland. Very preeetty! Especially ME in the warm bubble bath outside (see photo).

~ preeeeetty ME in the bubble bath ~

Otherwise Mum was meeting her friend ‘cleaning up’ again, this time with Aunty Michele and Dad spent time with me. On the way home they thought I might be sleeping in the car so they chose to drive in the evening BUT I didn’t … sleep. Sometimes I think if I’ll make noise for two they won’t miss you that much. Strange though as I heard Mum say that she’s loosing her marbles after 3 hours of me crying in the car. Dad might have been driving the CAR but I drove them CRAZY while driving… 🙂

Well, honestly, I stopped crying when we got out of the car…

Today, back home, I can catch up in my own bed – who would want to sleep in a car seat anyway?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS thanks Aunty Michele for the bath!


2 thoughts on “Driving Mum and Dad Crazy

  1. you are very welcome Ananda Mae! It was my pleasure! Are you coming to sleep over next sunday, testing the new travel bed?

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