I Love My BATH!

~ me trying to get in the bath ~

Dear Hope,

I wanted to tell you about bath time. Mum and Dad are given me or having a bath with me most nights. I love it. It’s probably not the most exciting news but I LOVE WATER! Mum tells me that she loves the little river in the creek near our house and that she feels it is cleansing but she doesn’t go inside the river as it’s too cold.

Today Mum and Dad went for a walk and Mum carried me, showing me another small creek near our house. We walked up some steep steps from where we can see the view over the lake – more WATER. Then we walked along cow pastures, farms, building sites and along the creek in the forest. I guess it’s true, I felt so fresh just being carried along the river… maybe next time they have to remember to dress me for Swiss autumn… which is not the same as Aussie autumn!

The bath thing again: You know HOPE, since we live in Switzerland I’m allowed to use what was Mimi’s (our grandmother) bath. It’s big. You’d fit in with me and Mum and Dad. It’s HUGE.

I miss you. I miss my Mimi. She never had a bath with me, you never had a bath with me. Do you bath with each other in heaven? I hope so…

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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