Nonno Time

Dear Hope,

This week I got lucky. I got to spend time with Nonno. He was finally home again. 🙂
He shared his muesli in the morning with me.
He had lunch with me at the cute restaurant and shared his dessert with me.
He played with me and let me crawl all over him.

Nonno also caught super hunter Nilly (our cat) bring home his first mouse. Nilly is so clever that he even found the mouse twice, the second time after Dad tried to hide it in a far away place…

I like spending time with Nonno. Mum tells him that he should make the most of it because soon enough I’ll be too busy playing and running around. I think he’s a bit sad that he’s not able to enjoy time with me and with Mimi, because he knows how much Mimi liked Babies. Well, I hope you HOPE and Mimi are enjoying each other in heaven.

Here some pictures of Nonno and me at lunch. (We had pity with Mum and Dad and then we’ll took them along as well…)

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

~ exploring the restaurant ~

~ climbing Nonno ~

~ yummy dessert ~

~ sitting with Nonno ~


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