Dear Hope,

We’re having fun! Last night, once I had already slept one stint, I made enough noise for Mum and Dad to come and pick me up again. I had a plan. I raced around the house on all 4 and Mum wondered if I’d ever go back to sleep… well she didn’t know yet 🙂

Then, when I had them finally both collapsed on the bean bag I did my trick: I got up, standing, no hands! Mum looked up, eyes bulging, and said: ‘She’s standing on her own!’ In a flash of a second Mum and Dad where all excited and – of course, like parents do – wanted me to repeat my trick. Na-na! Nanda (that’s how I refer to myself nowadays) does tricks WHEN SHE WANTS TO! I raced away on all 4 showing them my butt.

Later that night (3.33am to be exact), I woke up and found myself in a pool of wet stuff and I was coughing and hot like a stove. Mum and Dad came racing from their bedroom and after some ‘uming and ahing’ and phone call with some lady doctor they took me on a car trip! Wow, middle of the night we went into town, no sadly not to party but to check in at the emergency of the Children’s Hospital. Luckily it was ‘just’ that I had high fever due to an ear infection and not an aftershock from my first time standing on my own 🙂

In the morning I slept longer than Mum and Dad, for the FIRST time. Mum came in to check on me twice before waking me at 10am. Why am I not allowed to sleep in?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS No photos yet, I’m too fast and get away for the iPhone can capture me 🙂


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