Land of Plenty – Plenty of Bread

Dear Hope,

We are living in the ‘Land of Plenty’ – Schlaraffenland! The have all kinds of yummy things here: bread, chocolate, milk straight from the cows…

Lately I get introduced to the plenty of bread. Mum says: We’re in the land of ‘gluten’ and she rolls her eyes as she can only smell but not eat it or she gets an allergic reaction. So she goes out and buys yummy stuff for ME and Dad to share.

On Dad’s birthday she went out in the rain and brought home a ‘Weggli-Fritz’ (bun-Harry) from the nice bakery at the station. It’s a little man shaped sweet bread – prefect for me 🙂

Dad got a Laugen-Croissant, which is his favorite. And Mum, well she had something NOT from the land of plenty of bread…

Then the other day she brought a ‘Cookie-Monster’ – another delicacy. I try to share with her and feed her but she’s stoic at refusing any bite.

What do you eat in HEAVEN?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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