My Visitors


~ my friend Carlotta ~

Dear Hope,


We had visitors! First I had a new friend coming over, Carlotta. She brought her parents along (she’s only 5 months old…) and we went to explore the city with both of our prams and the pushing parents. It was fun! We had some great conversations…


~ winter bunny ~

It’s getting wintery here and we had to rug up like little Michelin mans. I dislike my hat but apparently it’s very fashionable so sometimes I keep it on to make Mum and Dad happy… and sometimes I just rip it off and have fun if they have to chase it or go back to find it where I dropped it.

Lately I’ve been a bit sick and they were very insistent on me wearing the hat. I’m sure you angels up there wear nothing but a silky white flowing summer dress, right?

~ princess get carried around in their cosy prams ~

Here is another photo of my oldies trying to look young 🙂

What else is new? I’m almost walking. Sometimes I get a high pitched squeal out of my parents’ mouth when I ‘oh-so-amazingly’ walk without holding on. What’s the big deal? I just love holding hands, especially Mum and Dad’s.

How about you? Does everyone up there flap their wings when your lift off and fly around or can you do that anyway without falling down like me?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~



2 thoughts on “My Visitors

  1. Dear Hope,
    and in two weeks your sister ist visiting her new friend “Little Carlotta” in Karlsruhe. Of course your parents are coming to Karlsruhe, too. We will be visiting one or two nice Christmasmarkets and, for sure, the adults will drink some “Glühwein”… You will get some more pictures then!

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