I’m Walking, yes indeed I’m Walking!

Dear Hope, I guess it’s a big achievement for me to WALK as everyone around seems to be cheering me on all the time. I’ve done many steps and Mum even counted 44 before I sat down, after following the vacuum cleaner around. Everyone is delighted but actually I’m still much faster crawling so I’m […]

Wonderful Winter Wonderland

Dear Hope, As mentioned in my last post I’m glad to share my most-used-word from this week: neh. It’s my version of SCHNEE, which is German for snow. As you can see from the pictures I got lucky to experience my first winter here in winter wonderland. My birth home is in full bloom summer […]

Hello! REAL Food!

Dear Hope, Lately I had to fight for REAL food. I do that by slapping my hand when they arrive with the spoon, shake my head or simply refuse to open my mouth. Sometimes it takes Mum and Dad a loooong time to get it… talking about ‘being slow’… I didn’t each much else than […]