~ mumum neh neh wau! ~

~ mumum neh neh wau! ~

Dear Hope,

Mum said I need to write you another letter about the first words I’m saying. It’s:

~ blablabla
~ mumumumum (everything is mumumumum, even though Mum thinks it’s all about her…)
~ namnam (which they figured out means food)
~ dada (which they think is my version of daddy, and sometimes, just to make him SMILE 🙂 I say daddy)
~ ououou (they think it’s ‘row row row’ from my favorite song)

A few more but I can’t remember them.

The latest ones today are:

~ wau (my version of what I hear from Mum {WOW} when she sees something amazing like ‘neh’
~ neh – ok, I hear Mum add a ‘sch’ but I’m not so cool with the ‘sch’ sound [German for snow]
~ and the latest one is ‘duda’.
Mum and Dad have these duds with closed eyes standing around in our home and they point to them asking me ‘who’s that?’ They delight when I call them ‘duda’ – I’m getting closer to be enlightened…

But my all time favorites are:

~ miau
~ moo moo
~ wau wau

How about you Hope?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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