Wonderful Winter Wonderland

~ splendid morning with moon ~

~ splendid morning with moon ~

Dear Hope,

As mentioned in my last post I’m glad to share my most-used-word from this week: neh. It’s my version of SCHNEE, which is German for snow. As you can see from the pictures I got lucky to experience my first winter here in winter wonderland. My birth home is in full bloom summer at the moment and I have to look at all my mates in singlets and hats but they miss all the wet and cold fun called winter.

Imagine this: I’m dressed up in stockings, pants, double layers of Shirt and Jackets and then, on top of it all, they fit me into this gigantic white fluffy coat complete with hood and dangling things they call gloves. They cover the hands. I cannot touch and hold anything anymore, I don’t get it… I look at these white things stuck to my hands and wonder why why why… See, I’m usually pushed around in my cozy sedan chair (they call it pram) lined with a winter furry sleeping bag. So guess what? I’m WARM AND COZY and like my hands to stick out into the freezing air!

I hope it is snug and cozy on your cloud 🙂

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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