Jingle Bells

~ red winter sausage ~

~ red winter sausage ~

Dear Hope,

Today was a magical day! After our first night in the mountains, today we took a horse-drawn sleigh and were drawn through the snow up to a mountain hut. It was so beautiful and I was kept warm in a cozy red snow suit that I got lent by a nice friend.

~ are you watching from this cloud? ~

~ are you watching from this cloud? ~

The view was amazing: mountains covered in snow, blue sky and lots of Christmas trees all through the forest. We passed the ski slope, chair lifts, gondola and many other people who were walking up the mountain path.

When we arrived at the mountain hut we got something to eat in the crisp air before we walked back down to the village again but the absolute best place I had: I was on a small sled in my cosy pram liner, either someone pulled me through the snow or we just sled down the path. It was so cool!

Today I especially missed your company. I would have loved to share this experience with you. Miss you Hope…

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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