Round Things & Colds

~ nam nam ~

~ nam nam ~

Dear Hope,

I love round things. Round blocks, round coins, round everything. I put those round things in round holes. I figured it out.

Dad said that ‘a square thing doesn’t fit in a round hole’ but I proofed to him that even some round things don’t fit in round holes! What the heck? These kids toys are doing my head in.

The other thing is these nasty things cold ‘Colds’. Mum said ‘they come and go’ but mine seem to be coming and coming and never going. I’m sniffing since we started to have the cooler weather which, believe it or not, starts over here in SEPTEMBER! I at least make sure I’m sharing with everyone…

On Mum’s birthday yesterday I didn’t feel well at all, they call it ‘poorly’. They tried to cheer me up with some afternoon tea but then ate it all themselves… at least there were lots of round things on the round three level cake tray: round cookies, round jam jars, round olives (yuk – I tried those…) and lots of round tea cups 🙂 . Nam nam!

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS I’ll show you a pic of the round thingy game tomorrow. Off to bed now.


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