Neh! Neh! Nehhhhhhhh!

am schnee 1

~ NEHHH mountains ~~~

~ sunrise with NEHHH ~

~ sunrise with NEHHH ~

Dear Hope,

There is so much NEHHH these days. Every day I have to use this work ALL THE TIME. The intonation is important: It has to be said with some excitement and some umpf in your voice, stretching the end of the word. Ok it’s not much of a word, just one sound, even though my Mum and Dad always use a hissing sound at the beginning which sort of emphasizes the whole experience of that word.

Mum and Dad are always excited when they open the shutters in the morning and there is some white fluff falling and with excitement they call out: NEHHH!  I’m babbling quite a bit these days, lots of which seems to excite them. I love it especially when Mum speaks with me in ‘guli-guli’ language. She speaks is quite well, I have to say.

Given the beautiful view we have with all the NEHHH outside I do understand all the hype, especially Daddy’s as he’s not used to this white stuff laying around in the garden. What do you see from up above in your clouds, Hope?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

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