~ no longer baby - now I'm a little girl ~

~ no longer baby – now I’m a little girl ~

Dear Hope,

These days Mum and Dad seems to repeatedly say: ‘You’re so clever’ or they get into fits when I’ve successfully got something to stick on my fork. I mean REALLY! They’re insulting my skills and intelligence and at the same time theirs, at least that’s where it might come from… or maybe it’s gotta do with the bread? Never mind…

Anyway, let me remember what I’ve been doing and saying that makes them go ‘yeah!’:

  1. bringing the little pink stool into the kitchen so I get to see what’s happening on the cook top
  2. singing in the shower after it’s been cleaned and the door was left open (I was dressed and there was no water but I shut the door and couldn’t open it so I started to sing)
  3. singing ‘ro ro ro’ (the beginning of my favorite tune) or ‘uppa’ which is an important part of…. ??? (twinkle twinkle for those who are not familiar with my favorite songs – up above the world so high…)

Just to name a few. The fact is that I know IN MY HEAD I COULD DO SO MUCH MORE but those tiny little things like blocks or lego simply DO NOT COOPERATE WITH ME. Then I get REALLY FRUSTRATED and STEAM OUT OF MY EARS!

Oh well, we’ll get through this phase. At least that’s what Mum says when she’s trying to cope with my tantrums.

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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