Dry Bread – Part 2 and Moving – Part 2

Duck bread is duck death !

Duck bread is duck death !

Dear Hope,

Mum read on one of those posts on Facebook that feeding bread to the ducks is killing them (yeah, I get to eat more dry bread!). Today we brought them salad instead, with the remaining bread Mum already had cut into small pieces. Guess what happened? Those ducks left the salad and just ate the bread! Only the pieces I didn’t get because I was strapped in the ‘Tu-tu’. I guess they know as much as I that dry bread is MUCH BETTER than SALAD! Phah!

I guess Mum didn’t read the article on about.com which said:

Great foods to feed ducks include:

  • Grapes cut in half
  • Cracked corn, barley, oats, birdseed or other grains
  • Frozen peas that have been defrosted
  • Duck feed pellets available from farm supply stores


am bike


Guess what I’ve got? A ‘TU-TU’! For the none-Ananda-Mae-language-speakers a tu-tu is a little 3 wheeler that Mum just recently bought for me because I drove her crazy planking in the pram. It’s much cooler to go on the tu-tu. It has some pedals, which I don’t need to turn because Mum is pushing anyway, so why bother. If however we stop for too long I’ve already figured out how to push with the legs. I found out that when there are cars, Mum doesn’t appreciate it and holds tight on the pushing stick. Might have something to do with the red and the green man…. I’ll find out.

The most amazing things is that the Tu-Tu is exactly the one I sat on in September last year at Coop! See here!

More hair now… 🙂

PS. Thanks for putting your good word in for the Tu-Tu while she was dreaming – it worked… even though the one I have is a second hand version, it still works!

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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