Mother’s Day Without You

Dear Hope,

This is my second Mother’s Day without you. The very first one we had together very close inside Mum’s womb. It’s not the same without you. Mum and Dad are missing you just a little bit more today and I have to kiss Mum double as much to make up for you. YES, I’ve just recently learnt how to give kisses, to everyone’s delight…

~ me & you ~

~ me & you ~

Just last Sunday Mum told me that she actually has 4 children, 1 star child and 2 rainbow children and me. You’re the star child and we sadly never got a chance to meet the 2 rainbow children, which would be my/our younger sister or brother, as they left before being born. Mum is really sad about that… She has introduced them all to me: she painted all of us in one picture last August: (from the left) There are Rumi, then ME, Jai, YOU Amya and then the Angel. She painted them before she even ‘met’ her rainbow children.

Honestly, even though ‘upa’* is my favorite song and I always think of you among the stars, what I REALLY want is a sister or brother to play with, in real, not on the picture.

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

* up above the world so high… from Twinkle twinkle little star

PS. Dad found the Christmas book… Mum wasn’t excited about it, not sure why……………….


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