Summer Talk

Dear Hope,

It’s finally SUMMER here and I’m allowed to run around naked, although Mum always makes me wear a PINK hat.
When we go swimming I’m wearing a pink top with wings and sparkly diamonds shaped like a bird – it makes me feel like an angel and I’m thinking of you. 🙂

with pink top...

with pink top…

summer talk 2

… and without 🙂

I’m also able to say my full name nowadays, no longer NaMae but Ananda Mae, with an emphasis on aNANDA mae.
Actually I seem to be saying far too many words. Mum sometimes says: “Enough!” because I seem to be saying to many of the following:

  • ~ hello! hallo! which EVERYONE in the shops, beside Mum…, comments with “oh so cute”
  • ~ namal (=again)
  • ~ mitko (=come with me)
  • ~ nameh (=more)
  • ~ nami schmü (=dummy and schmü, the name of my my bed-buddy cat)
  • ~ nei (=no), which I usually say at least 4 times in a row

and my favorite….

  • ~~  mummy, mami, maaaami, ~~

which I say at least 1.649 times per day, more or less, on average, when I’m awake, and especially when she’s around…

Judging on people’s reaction I MUST be VERY cute. They smile at me, they adore me, they tell Mum “she’s adorable” or “oh isn’t she cute” and “oh she already talks very well for her age” so I really don’t understand why Mum minds me practicing speaking?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS. Today would have been our great grand-father MAX’s birthday – on earth. Please say hello to him up there.

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