Password Daddy?

What's the PASSWORD, Daddy?!?

What’s the PASSWORD, Daddy?!?

Dear Hope,

I have been busy with celebrating our birthday and eating cake in the past week. I’m a competent ‘Happy Birthday to YOU‘ singer!!! On my birthday cake Mum planted some sparklers, which I didn’t like as I couldn’t get to the SMARTIES fast enough.

Mum’s favorite word of mine is: ‘Mugelal’ (which, in her words, sounds like ‘Lugemal’ = have a look).

But the best things that happened in the past few weeks is:

– I can open doors

– I can run, hop and giggle all at the same time

– I now walk on the little stones in the lake (even felt into the lake to Mum’s great shock)

– I eat most things on my own (and make  awesome drawings with yogurt on the table)

– I love painting my finger nails with pens, if I can get to them

– I love going to my children’s group and already have got a friend called Isabella

– AND…

I wanted to download some more apps on Dad’s iPad and needed his password but he was not so forthcoming. I had already tried many… but with no luck. You might as well ask, if you don’t ask, you’ll never get a YES… or password. (Pst. I’ll try again when he’s not around… one day I might be lucky? or you might give me a hint?)

There are such cool apps and today I combined ‘opening doors’, got into Mum and Dad’s bedroom, snatched the iPad, propped it up on the pillows and started watching my favorite story of Stella and Sam. Dad had to call Mum from downstairs because he thought it’s so cool that I just sat there on their bed with the iPad.

Not such good things are:

– I started to be afraid of our cats

– I don’t know the different between tossing and throwing

– I apparently grow to quickly (and grow out of my clothes, especially the ones Mum does not want to give away and they get tight)

– I got some injections, made up by the cookies that followed.

How about you? How do you celebrate your birthday in the spirit world? I’m sure Mimi baked you a heavenly cake 🙂

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~



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