My Favorite Music

Dear Hope,

Mum and Dad listen to some cool music. For some this might be ‘far out’ or ‘way to spiritual’ but for me it’s what Mum and me listen to in the car at the moment:

SNATAM KAUR – Gobinda Hari

Obviously while driving we don’t watch any video but we listen to the song and sing along that’s what is so cool: These MANTRAS (as they are called) have SUCH SIMPLE lyrics:

Gobinda (or govinda) Hari

That’s it! Seriously! So even though the video here is 10.46min long, you pretty much heard the song after… a few seconds. But then Snatam has just such an angelic voice that you might wanna listen till the end. Any hey, there are some pretty cool pictures of Indian Babies… and some more. Just browse Facebook while leaving the song play in the background.

I can remember many more songs this way…

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS. According to my internet research it s the chant of the names of the Hindu God Vishnu in the form of Krishna. 🙂 {ok, mum helped me here}


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