I Want A Pony!


Daddy, please!

Dear Hope,

“Daddy, I want a pony” and he started laughing out loud. And I started crying.

Here’s how the story went:
The other day I had asked Daddy the whole day: “Can I watch Kikaninchen?” “Please Daddy, I want to watch Kikaninchen!” or “Daddy, what’s the clock saying? Kikaninchen time?” until he finally agreed. (PS. Kikaninchen is my current favorite show on YouTube with a rabbit and Christian)

In the evening Daddy told Mummy that he had to allow me to watch Kikaninchen because I asked the whole day. [I know, my charm works on Daddy 🙂 ]

Kikaninchen & Christian

Kikaninchen & Christian

Mummy asked Daddy: “So, when Ananda Mae is twenty you will buy her a Porsche if she asks you often enough?”
Daddy answered: “Yeah sure, if only she does not ask me for a pony!”

Mummy had also just brought home a CD with a Swiss version of “My Bonnie is over the ocean” which they have transformed to “Mis Pony isch geschter devo grännt” (=my pony ran away yesterday) and after listening to this song I said: “Mummy, I want a pony!” Mummy responded: “Why don’t you ask Daddy?” and that’s what I did… So do you think I will get one?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~


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