Our 3rd Birthday is near…

Dear Hope,

Our 3rd birthday is in two days. 
I’m so happy and ask Mum and Dad every day: Is it my birthday today? 

I remember the time when we were holding hands inside Mummy’s tummy. 

I miss that. 

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

AM one day i see

4 thoughts on “Our 3rd Birthday is near…

  1. This is beautiful. Children are amazing in their grief process. My Daughter has given me hope with the things she shares about her 2 brothers and sister in heaven.

  2. I hope you both had a beautiful birthday – one on earth and one in the sky 🙂 Down here we get to dance in the rain and dance on the sand. Up there they get to dance in stars and dance on the clouds. They both sound pretty darn good to me. My little boy Morgan dances in the stars – that makes me happy because if he was down here with us he wouldn’t have been able to use his legs at all. Happy 3rd birthday girls.x

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