I miss you terribly…

Dear Hope,

I haven’t written in a while… I’m sorry.

The truth is: I have been missing your terribly and writing to you seemed to hard…

Just last night, I wanted Daddy to re-read the story about Sam & Finn and even before he started, I had a big cry because I want you to be here with me.

Last week we went to a Christmas tram ride where the angels put us some wishing fairy dust onto our noses and said: “This will make your dreams come true.” Later in the evening I asked Mum: “So how can I make my wish come true? All I wish for is Amya to be here with me.”

I really don’t know why now but does it matter?

Does it matter, when I realised that you are not here with me?

I do now and I really do. I see those kids who have sisters or brothers and it makes me think of you, remember that I have a sister, one that was born on the same day as I was…

Why were you not able to stay with me?

From Passion with Love
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

PS. from my Mum: For those wondering, this is truly what’s happening and NOT Mum’s version of the story…

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