I Want A Pony!

Dear Hope, “Daddy, I want a pony” and he started laughing out loud. And I started crying. Here’s how the story went: The other day I had asked Daddy the whole day: “Can I watch Kikaninchen?” “Please Daddy, I want to watch Kikaninchen!” or “Daddy, what’s the clock saying? Kikaninchen time?” until he finally agreed. […]

Password Daddy?

Dear Hope, I have been busy with celebrating our birthday and eating cake in the past week. I’m a competent ‘Happy Birthday to YOU‘ singer!!! On my birthday cake Mum planted some sparklers, which I didn’t like as I couldn’t get to the SMARTIES fast enough. Mum’s favorite word of mine is: ‘Mugelal’ (which, in […]

It’s Christmas Time! Or NOT?

Dear Hope, I’ve got some favorite books: one about a little cat, one about a family of dogs visiting the other animals in the farm, then the one with the little rabbit (from Dodo), the Easter bunny books (from Uli), Frau Holle, then of course my song books (of which I have many), especially the […]

Neh! Neh! Nehhhhhhhh!

Dear Hope, There is so much NEHHH these days. Every day I have to use this work ALL THE TIME. The intonation is important: It has to be said with some excitement and some umpf in your voice, stretching the end of the word. Ok it’s not much of a word, just one sound, even though […]

Spaghetti with biscuits, cat treats and bed

Dear Hope, Sorry for not writing for so long. I’m struggling a bit with pushing some big white molars through my tender gums. I’m trying to hit my head against the stone floor but the pain is still there, in the gums and now on the bruise on my head. On a better note, today […]