Yeah – dry bread!

Dear Hope, Mum is a bit tense these days… This morning we went for a walk and she absolutely wanted to feed the ducks. Luckily I got my hand on the dry bread, before she tossed it everywhere on the ground! I’ve munched as many pieces as I could and stored them in my cheeks. […]

Spaghetti with biscuits, cat treats and bed

Dear Hope, Sorry for not writing for so long. I’m struggling a bit with pushing some big white molars through my tender gums. I’m trying to hit my head against the stone floor but the pain is still there, in the gums and now on the bruise on my head. On a better note, today […]

Hello! REAL Food!

Dear Hope, Lately I had to fight for REAL food. I do that by slapping my hand when they arrive with the spoon, shake my head or simply refuse to open my mouth. Sometimes it takes Mum and Dad a loooong time to get it… talking about ‘being slow’… I didn’t each much else than […]

Land of Plenty – Plenty of Bread

Dear Hope, We are living in the ‘Land of Plenty’ – Schlaraffenland! The have all kinds of yummy things here: bread, chocolate, milk straight from the cows… Lately I get introduced to the plenty of bread. Mum says: We’re in the land of ‘gluten’ and she rolls her eyes as she can only smell but […]