Yeah – dry bread!

Dear Hope, Mum is a bit tense these days… This morning we went for a walk and she absolutely wanted to feed the ducks. Luckily I got my hand on the dry bread, before she tossed it everywhere on the ground! I’ve munched as many pieces as I could and stored them in my cheeks. […]

Neh! Neh! Nehhhhhhhh!

Dear Hope, There is so much NEHHH these days. Every day I have to use this work ALL THE TIME. The intonation is important: It has to be said with some excitement and some umpf in your voice, stretching the end of the word. Ok it’s not much of a word, just one sound, even though […]

Spaghetti with biscuits, cat treats and bed

Dear Hope, Sorry for not writing for so long. I’m struggling a bit with pushing some big white molars through my tender gums. I’m trying to hit my head against the stone floor but the pain is still there, in the gums and now on the bruise on my head. On a better note, today […]

Wonderful Winter Wonderland

Dear Hope, As mentioned in my last post I’m glad to share my most-used-word from this week: neh. It’s my version of SCHNEE, which is German for snow. As you can see from the pictures I got lucky to experience my first winter here in winter wonderland. My birth home is in full bloom summer […]

My Visitors

  Dear Hope,   We had visitors! First I had a new friend coming over, Carlotta. She brought her parents along (she’s only 5 months old…) and we went to explore the city with both of our prams and the pushing parents. It was fun! We had some great conversations…   It’s getting wintery here […]

Land of Plenty – Plenty of Bread

Dear Hope, We are living in the ‘Land of Plenty’ – Schlaraffenland! The have all kinds of yummy things here: bread, chocolate, milk straight from the cows… Lately I get introduced to the plenty of bread. Mum says: We’re in the land of ‘gluten’ and she rolls her eyes as she can only smell but […]

My Room

Dear Hope, Today I built a new shelf for my room (our room) that Mum brought home from IKEA. It has 8 holes and I’m sure I can fit into each one, I tried it out. It came in a big box and I unpacked everything and got my hands into setting it up. I […]